A Thought from Gulistan

Paging through some past editions of the Australian Road Rider, I came across, in the July/August edition of 2008, the following by-line to an article: “a traveller without knowledge is a bird without wings.” It was attributed “Sa’di, Gulistan (1258)”. I discovered that Gulistan is a collection of poems and stories by Sa’di, who was an eminent Persian poet of the medieval period. I found the quote nestled in maxim 50 of Chapter VIII of Gulistan “on rules for conduct in life.” Part of the same maxim read: “The Quran (Koran) was revealed for the acquisition of a good character, not for chanting written chapters.”  How apposite in today’s world!
(Thanks to the Bear for introducing me to Gulistan.)

RC 27 May 2009

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