The Dragon and Rider

Did you Wonder about the Main Picture on the Web Pages?

The concept of a logo for my website started with Eragon and his dragon, Saphira. The logo for the past three years (2009-2012) was the picture below.

Eragon and SaphiraIn the picture, the dragon rider is Eragon and his dragon is Saphira. Eragon was destined to resurrect the lost tradition of dragon riders. He learns magic, sword skills, the ancient language and dragon riding from Brom, a one-time dragon rider himself.

No, I’m not a fantasy freak. It’s just that Dylan, my grandson, on sleep-overs, always came armed with his favourite DVDs. One of them was Eragon. We watched it together several times.

Brom, who has several words of wisdom to impart to Eragon reminisces, at one stage,  about the past, recalling the times when he saw “men astride magnificent beasts."

He laments that, “if a dragon dies, the rider will live on; if a rider dies, so does his dragon.”

He cautions Eragon, in his dragon riding, “one false move, one reckless decision, and everything is lost.”

His most heartfelt advice to Eragon is, “when a dragon and rider are truly one, they see as one.”

He tells Eragon that, in the ancient language, that's skulblaka sven – see like a dragon, meaning that the rider sees through the eyes of the dragon.

Modern dragons following their riders eyes!Doesn't that all sound like motorcycling?

I couldn't find a word for motorcycle in the ancient language. I guess words like skulblaka (dragon) and
shur'tugal (dragon rider) transcend the portals between Alagaësia and Our World; and can equally apply to a motorcycle and its rider.

my_logo_2In our world, also, the motorbike and the rider should be truly one. They should think as one, see as one and move as one. Just like the dragon and its rider.

Except, in the world of motorcycling, the bike sees through the eyes of the rider. The bike will always follow the rider's eyes.

For motorcyclists, that's shur'tugal sven – meaning that the bike will always go where the rider is looking.

More recently (2012), I had the current logo produced. Apart from freeing me from the on-going copyright breach of using the Eragon picture, it provides something unique. (I'm probably still in copyright breach for using the ancient language!)

Shur'tugal sven!

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