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A Few MeanderingsThis site has been set up to share my motorcycling experiences with friends, fellow travellers and other interested surfers; and, hopefully, to provide some vicarious pleasures, as well as useful tips, information and insights.

It describes my motorcycle tours both within Australia and abroad. It reports on experiences with Australian country town pubs and camping adventures. I include my feeling about bikes I’ve owned at home and ridden on overseas tours. I’ve got a few stories to tell by the fireside; not all about motorcycling.

I hope you enjoy it and find some useful tips at the same time. Feel free to contribute via the Guest Book.

Please proceed by selecting any of the titles on the left of the page.

Overseas motorcycle adventures are listed under “Meanders Abroad.” Trips within Australia are under “Meanders in Oz” (that’s short for Australia!). Under “Non-MC Meanders” (i.e. not on a motorcycle) I have included trips usually taken in conjunction with a motorcycle adventure.

Fireside” is a page for all sorts of random bits and pieces that might be of general interest to readers. Take a browse and see if there might be something that appeals.

Or simply enjoy the photos and the few videos I have made on some overseas trips.

There are other pages whose titles are hopefully self-evident. These contain some tips for encounters on the road, such as camping, travel insurance (for overseas trips), country town pub accommodation (within Australia) and a few other things. They might be worthwhile to glance through in case there’s something there relevant to your needs.

River Crossing in MongoliaOn the Darling River Run52 Days from Zagora to Timbucktoo

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Here are some recent additions to the site in case you’re a new-comer or haven’t visited in a while:

My Central Europe and Balkans Tour which didn’t end well. But it will happen hopefully in 2018. You can also read what the plans were for the trip at this page.

The Central Europe and Balkans trip focussed my attention on overseas travel insurance. This page has some insights into the options available for Australian travellers on motorcycles. It's also referenced at the end of the page on my Central Europe and Balkans trip - or trip that supposed to be!

I don’t write-up all my local rides – not even the multi-day ones. You can find them on my Facebook page. The most recent one included on this site was a ride on some back roads through the Riverina district of NSW.

Then there are non-motorcycling pages. This one contains some thoughts about a first-time-performed-in-Australian Polish opera: King Roger. You might well wonder! The person King Roger was a notable figure in Middle Eastern history, which I have taken an interest in preparing for and undertaking several trips: Turkey, Morocco, Al-Andalus, Uzbekistan, the Balkans…..and, yes, they are all linked into Middle Eastern history despite their diverse geographical locations.

An accidental encounter with a small remote memorial on my Riverina trip got be interested in discovering who was the person featured in the memorial. After considerable research, including accessing all his Second World War RAF Operation Record Books, I put together a story about Flying Officer Ronald Jack Cooper DFC.

I’ve also included several non-motorcycling adventures, mostly taken in conjunction with a ‘meander abroad.’ One of the most recent was to Uzbekistan ahead of the Mongolian trip.

How about a couple of videos to whet your appetite? They are included on the pages dealing with overseas adventures to Tibet, Mongolia and South India.

What you can do on a sports tourer (BMW F800ST)

My Big Trip North 2009

Hope you enjoy this site. Happy viewing!


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